Spain holiday with a 35mm film camera Canon AE1

Shooting with an analogue camera is a different experience for a few simple reasons. There is a financial reason – you have to pay for films and get it developed. I usually buy 35mm rolls online here and get it developed in a little, family-owned lab in Bethnal Green. It’s called Eye Culture.

But there is obviously some other aspects you may need to consider while shooting with an analogue camera.
First of all, you are very limited to the number of shots you can take and that way you will have to look around for some interesting frames rather than shooting like a Rambo from ak47.
Secondly, there is no screen and a preview mode, no delete button to delete unwanted photos. You take a photo, maybe another one with slightly different exposure to make sure you have it right and that’s it. The next time you see the shot can be in a few weeks time when you get your film developed.
You can’t change the ISO as you do on any DSLR camera. As soon as you load your camera with a film there is no way back. You will end up shooting the whole roll of film before you change it for another film.
Despite all of that I love it.

Ps. My Canon had some light leaks, so excuse some of it on the photos below. All shoot with Canon AE1 loaded with an Agfa Superia 400 35mm film, around Los Alcazares, Spain.

Los Alcazares beach

Los Alcazares palm by the beach

Los Alcazares Merina with yachts

Los Alcazares tree on the cliff

Los Alcazares sunset

Molo in Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares evening by the sea