PT HUB Hoxton with PT Nick Aldridge - fitness photography.

I met Nick years ago in old Britannia Leisure Centre in Hoxton, London. It was my local gym where I used to go. We used to train together and always had a good chat. We become friends. Nick was always very focused on his training plan, diet and always happy to give some good advice about weight, lifting and anything else gym related.

Few years later Nick’s dream came true. He opened his own gym in Hoxton. PT Hub provides luxury space for personal trainers to run their sessions with own clients. The gym is all new equipped with latest machines. If you are personal trainer and looking for a gym where you can have sessions with your clients PT Hub is the right place to go. Below just few images from that Saturday morning sessions, but you can find more information on the official PT Hub website or social media.

All images were shot with natural light. Session was just over 2 hours long and I delivered a total of 86 images, ready to be published online.