London pitching event for startups

And here we go again, a small pitching event in Central London. If you run a start-up company you may end up pitching for investors to support you financially. The event took place in Central London at Landmark near the iconic Tower Bridge. 

Companies involved:

  1. Sxollie – craft cider
  2. Brain Fud – natural energy drink
  3. Lio Bites – fruit crisps
  4. Cookie Dough – eatable cookie dough
  5. Rouge
  6. BIB Wine – wine producer
  7. Punchy – non and alcohol drinks
  8. Elizabeth D. Bakes – cookies and more!
  9. Griddle – pancakes

…look them up! 
Here are some images to give you an idea what kind of photography you can get even during a such a small event.