Empty London streets during the Corona Virus 2020

London during Corona virus - Covid 19 pandemic, 2020

We were warned by many scientists that this kind of flu will come, but we didn’t know when. So its 2020 and we are all facing it.The government is looking for the best solutions to slow the spread of the virus. Flights have been cancelled, panic buying causing shops to be empty. Pubs, gyms and restaurants has been closed too. What’s next? Nobody knows as we don’t know the Corona Virus itself.

I will try to share some more images from London during the Corona Virus pandemic. It would be a mix of Fuji x100s and iPhone images. I decided to edit everything in black and white. I always link colour images to happiness, but there is nothing happy about the current situation. 

For the time being (22nd of March 2020), I can still go out and shoot a bit. I’m trying to avoid people as much as I can, but that’s easy. The streets of London are empty! There is a tension in the air, but it seems that people has become much more friendly. This could be a great time to re-think our life, priorities and think about our future. A time to call your family and friends you may not have spoken to for a long time? Stay safe!

24th of March
First day of the lock down announced by Boris Johnson yesterday evening. I’m preparing for a complete lock down very soon, but today I jumped on my pushbike and I went for a quick spin around London. Not far from home to be honest, but just to see what’s going down the road. The roads where empty, some people here and there as usual but nothing to compare with a normal working day in Central London. 

25th of March 2020 
Self-isolation. I don’t want to take a risk, nor to spread the virus if I have it. So I have decided to stay at home. Likely with a balcony facing a garden I somehow feel lucky. If I decide to go to my local shop I will take my camera with me, who knows what I may witness.

Stay safe people, look after yourself and your families, friends!

31st of March 2020
I have been sitting at home for the last few days and I didn’t go anywhere. My ASDA shopping has been delivered, so there was no need for me to go out. But I have been watching what is going on out there. I woke up today thinking “should I go out or not? shoot a bit or just watch Netflix?”. Well I went out. I took my bicycle for an hour spin around Central London. EMPTY streets! 

16th of May 2020
We are getting back to life slowly, however we all know that the virus may stay with us forever. There will be a lot of changes how we live our daily life. Shops, pubs, clinics, workplaces have to adjust to the new rules.